I Believe

I’ve always been intrigued by the power of the mind.  Although this video is about Olympic athletes, the concepts can be applied to any competitive sport.  The following quotes come from the video.

“The brutal irony of elite sport is that however good you are, however many sacrifices you’ve made, it all counts for nothing if you cannot  deliver when it really matters.”

“Any belief can have astonishingly powerful effects, providing it is held with sufficient conviction.”

There are more nuggets like this in the video.  Perhaps there is something in this video for you.  Enjoy!

New Prototypes – Hades II

Not long ago, I had a discussion with my sponsor, Monster Barrels Design, about

New Hades II prototypes.

Hades II prototypes (click to enlarge)

updates to my Hades signature dart.   Using ooVoo, we held a video conference where we talked about the changes and the placement of those changes.  Pictures were drawn and held up to the webcam, I’d make a comment, the drawing would be revised, I made last comments and that was it.  After much anticipation, I finally received the prototype soft tip and steel tip barrels to test.  I think the barrels look very nice and the craftsmanship is superb.  Here’s a sneak peek at the Hades II 22gm steel tip model.  I’ll post pictures of the other weights and models soon.

Procrastination Has a Price

wait for meTHE WORLD SOFT DARTS CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 – Stage 1, will be held on April 28, 2013 at the iDarts Bar in Hong Kong.   The 2013 tournament calendar includes new tour stops in Seoul, Korea and La Rochelle, France.  Hong Kong is always fun, but adding new countries to the tour makes it seem more like a ‘world championship’.  Of course, Las Vegas is on the 2013 calendar again and there is one ‘To Be Announced’ tour stop date.  Personally, I think London is the strategic choice for this TBA date but there are rumors of a certain large city in northern China.  Continue reading

Is This Your Bag?

TSALast year, I accumulated over 100,000 miles with one airline.  I’ve had years where I’ve gotten over 70,000 miles, but never have I gone over 100K.   I think back and wonder how many miles I would have accumulated had I flown every flight last year on the same airline.  With all of those miles comes a lot of time spent in airports.  Too much time, but that is a different story.   Recently, while flying home from a tournament, I pass through the security checkpoint and I take a seat to put my shoes back on. Continue reading

Arachnid Galaxy 3 – Remote Games

Arachnid Galaxy 3I’ve been enjoying the new ‘Remote Games’ feature of the new Arachnid Galaxy 3 (G3) Live boards.  With this new remote play feature, I can play people in different cities and/or different countries.  One of the great benefits of remote play is you get to experience competitive game situations against a variety of unknown opponents and different playing styles.  Remote play is also quite fun and I find myself putting more money into the machines because of it….and I’m guessing that some of you may be doing the same.

Recently, I played for about 2 hours of Cricket on remote play.  I played a lot of different people of all skill levels.  It was a great practice session overall but there were a couple of opponents who stood out for different reasons. Continue reading

Musings: Life On The Road and New Technique

Musing Angels2012 was a busy year for me.  I was in an airplane 47 out of 52 weeks.  Most weeks I would fly home on Fridays and spend 2 nights in my bed.  Then on Sundays, I’d fly back to work where I lived for 5 nights in a hotel.  There were several weeks where I didn’t go home at all because I would fly to a tournament, spend 2 nights in another hotel, and then fly back to work for 5 more nights…in a hotel.  I was out-of-town so much that sometimes my bed and pillow at home felt strange. Continue reading


Grand Final 2012

THE WORLD, “SOFT-TIP DARTS CHAMPIONSHIP 2012” is coming soon.  December 15-16, 2012 at KITEC Rodunda Hall, 1 Trademart Drive, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong.

Eight tournaments (“Stages”) were held throughout 2012 where players competed for cash prizes and valuable qualifying points.  After all Stages were complete, the Top 100 points ranking players were invited to compete in end of year championship finale, THE WORLD 2012 GRAND FINAL.  The total tournament purse is 2,284,000 Hong Kong Dollars and the tournament champion receives 1,000,000 HKD.

I finished in the Top 100 and I’ve been invited to Hong Kong to compete in the GRAND FINAL.  My flight and hotel are booked.  Practice and preparation has begun.

Goto the THE WORLD for tournament details.  A few days before the event, there will be a link posted for the live stream of this world championship soft-tip event.