Practice Objective

People often ask me what types of practice routines that I use when I practice.  I tell them about the various types of practice sessions that I perform and the routines that I use for those sessions.  Then I tell them that any practice routine is only a means to an end and that the execution and completion of the practice routine is not the most important objective that I focus on during my practice sessions. 

Many players who rely on specific practice routines are consumed by the routine itself. Some of these routines are monitored by how much time it takes to complete the routine.   Some routines require that a running tally is kept, like a score or a numeric count.   Practice statistics and/or completion times are recorded and improvement is determined by comparing the current practice session’s results with previous practice sessions.

Practice routines are a good way to add variety and structure to your practice sessions. They help prevent boredom and they provide measurable goals to accomplish.  This is a good thing for most people.  But sometimes, people get too caught up in the statistics and they lose sight of the forest for the trees.

The most important benefit of practice routines is that they help me develop and/or maintain the requisite motor skills needed to control the dart.

These learned motor skills are elements that I take with me into future competition.  The development and refinement of these dart throwing motor skills are my sole reason for practice.

In summary, the most important objective that I focus on during practice is ‘learning‘.

Learning what I’m doing right.  Learning what I’m doing wrong.  Learning how to make corrections.  Learning how to adapt to a given situation.  Learning how to control my inner self.  Learning how to flip the switch on and perform at my peak.  Learning how to become the best that I can be.


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