Will You Please Chalk for Me?

When I lived overseas, I played in many of the major tournaments in England and Europe.  I took note of various procedures they used to administer and run their tournaments.  Of all the procedures that I saw, there is one procedure that stands out above the rest – – “The match loser was required to chalk the next match”.

In order to implement this new procedure, other changes may be necessary to facilitate this chalking requirement.  These other changes involve revamping the way a tournament bracket is run.  I won’t bore you with the details, but just know that these changes are not that hard to make.  The added benefit is that it improves the efficiency of how tournaments are run and players are not sitting around waiting and wondering when and where they’re going to play their next match.

Anybody who has played overseas in WDF/BDO events, or played in PDC events in North America, knows what kind of changes that I’m talking about.

Making the switch is easy to teach and easy to learn.  The hardest part is getting tournament directors to change.

Imagine playing in a tournament and not ever having to ask for a chalker again.


2 thoughts on “Will You Please Chalk for Me?

  1. Fantastic blog DJ. Personally, I’d like to see an official chalker organization be developed, with standardized rules and procedures, so that we can lay the foundation for some uniformity in the sport in the Americas. I know it’s possible, and new efforts like MLD and NYDP could certainly use it. Many sub-pro players truly enjoy marking and being part of what’s right and needed to further the competition levels. Plus, despite the efficiency of loser-chalks, there are some strange incentives, good and bad, that come up, in my humble and much less experienced opinion.

    • The idea of an official chalker organization makes sense to me when the game becomes a full blown professional sport. It would be nice to see an organization like this emerge before then, but I have doubts that it will occur on a large scale without some form of incentive and structure. Until that time comes, I advocate the current tried and true method of using players as required chalkers.

      I understand your comment about using the loser to chalk the next match. One angle that I see is that requiring a loser chalk the next match, especially if that person finished ‘out of the money’, entails a punitive action which may be difficult to enforce unless other circumstances are present. In some tournaments in Europe, the winner is required to chalk the next match. From an enforcement standpoint, this rule is very effective because the match winner is more likely to comply in order to avoid being penalized (i.e. disqualified, garnished pay out, etc.).

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