Different Ways to Grip a Dart [Photos]

How do you grip your dart?  Do you grip it at the balance point?  Grip it near the front?  Grip it near the rear?  How many fingers do you use in your grip?  Do you touch the point?  Have you ever wondered how other top players grip their dart?

I approached several male and female shooters at recent tournaments and I took pictures of their grip.   The players in the photos are all successful national players and some also have significant international and professional records.

After studying the photos, you’ll notice that some of the grips are similar, but there are no two grips that are exactly alike.  Each of these men and women have found a grip style which works for them.  The moral of the story is that there is no one specific grip that you should emulate.  Find your own way and do what works for you.

To see the different styles of grips, click on the web albums below and then click on ‘Slideshow’.

Grip Photos (Ladies)
Grip Photos (Men)

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