Streamlining Tournaments [Poll]

At a recent U.S. tournament I attended, event conflicts caused major delays and players were required to suffer long wait times to play their matches.  I realize that some conflicts will arise when you have multiple events.  I also realize that some conflicts can be resolved by changing the way things are handled.  But even if procedural changes are put in place, I still have the opinion that there are too many events in a U.S. tournament weekend. 

13 or 14 events in a tournament weekend is too many and I would like to see tournament directors eliminate one or more events.  While this may disappoint a few players, I believe that it may also please other players.  In some cases, elimination of one or more events may even help tournament profitability.  (I will save the discussion on tournament ‘profitability’ for a future post.)

I know that player opinions in each region will differ on which event(s) they would eliminate.  I am interested in hearing from you regarding which event(s) to eliminate and why.  Please use the following poll to cast your votes and leave a reply if you want to explain further.  Thanks!


I want to hear from you. Leave a comment.

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