2011 Colorado Open

I just returned from Denver, CO after competing in the $15,000 Colorado Open.  I had moments of playing very well and other moments of mediocrity.  Although my overall results were disappointing this year, I reflect back on the event and I note several little things that make the Colorado Open tournament unique and special.

For starters, I like that this is a high payout tournament with only 11 events.  While I’d prefer even fewer events, I applaud the local tournament director for their decision to schedule only 11 events.

Other things that I like are the happy and smiling tournament staff, the great turnout of local players, the cool glass awards for the winners, and the finest oches on the tournament circuit.  These custom-made, high quality aluminum oches are special.  While they’re not cheap, they are built-to-last, they’re easily assembled and disassembled and stored, and they use flourescent lighting which eliminates pesky shadows.  Hands down, these oches the best oches that I’ve ever played on in a tournament.

While all these things come together to make the Colorado Open a special event, there is one last thing that is the icing on the cake…..the Sunday night end-of-the-tournament party for the staff and players.

This year, the party was held in a suite in the hotel.  There was lots of food and plenty to drink.  And best of all, the suite was filled with a mosh of smiley, happy people engaged in lively, animated conversation.  Good food, good drinks, good times, and good friends.  Without a doubt, that is my definition of the high life.   🙂

I want to thank Cindy Lynde, Brenda Roush, and the entire tournament staff for the many hours of planning, organizing, and hosting of the 2011 Colorado Open.  Your hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed.  Thank you for everything and I look forward to next year’s event.


3 thoughts on “2011 Colorado Open

  1. Here, here! I cannot agree with you more. This tournament was run spot on. I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction and gracious hospitality of all of the local players. The schedule itself was the best run that I had seen this year. And the fun room was certainly that. I haven’t laughed as hard for as long as I did in that room. Cheers to good friends, good people and great memories. Thank you RMDA!


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