L-Style Fan Giveaway

I switched to using L-Style flights, shafts, and tips earlier this year (2011).  After the switch, I began racking up numerous tournament wins and high finishes in both steel tip and soft tip events.  Highlights of my year includes finishing 3rd place in the soft tip Pro AA singles division at the Bullshooter World Championship and finishing #11 in the national rankings of the American Darts Organization.  Without a doubt,  L-Style’s excellent products played a major role in my consistent finishes and overall success in 2011.

L-Style is currently hosting an L-Style Fan Giveaway event on Facebook where lucky winners will win eight sets of L-Style flights ($80 value).  To enter, all you have to do is goto the L-Style event Facebook page and ‘Join’ (i.e. attend) the event and then click the ‘Like’ button.

You can also increase your chances of winning by posting a picture of your favorite L-Style products on the event page wall and then tag the L-Style Facebook page which is…. @L-Style.

This L-Style Fan Giveaway event lasts until December 31, 2011.

Be sure to act soon before time runs out.  🙂


7 thoughts on “L-Style Fan Giveaway

  1. Average remained the same, usually 6 turns per game, 5 turns when I’m throwing well, 7 turns or more if I’m missing doubles. I like the L-Style flights because they are consistently in a ‘+’ shape and they last longer for me than the previous brand of molded flight that I used.

    • The reason I changed flights was down to the fact the slightly heavier ones caused my dart to go in straight and therefore caused countless deflections, whereas the dimplex flights kept my tip down enabling easier grouping and less deflections. This improved my overall scoring and I now seldom throw beyond 18 darts, unless i have the old double trouble. You must use a heavier dart than I ?

      • I use 18gm (total weight) soft tip and 22gm (total weight) steel tip darts.

        Assuming that all other variables stay the same (i.e. stroke, release, power, fingers, wrist, steady stance, etc.), yes, the angle of the dart in the board can be altered by changing flights.

        Using myself as an example, I normally use pear shaped flights. When I use a flight with less surface area (i.e. slim/speed flights or kites), my darts stick in the board very flat. When I use a flight with more surface area (i.e. pears or standards), the extra surface area of those flights increase the amount of air drag and this causes my darts to land in the board at approximately a 30 degree angle.

        Prior to using L-Style flights, I used Pentathlon flights, which are rigid and thicker than normal poly flights. When using non-molded flights like these, I found that they held their ‘+’ shape longer when flight protectors were used.

      • I don’t bother with flight protectors as a rule. Do you think even the slightest deterioration of a flight can affect your dart and is there any evidence if to the contrary. I agree a badly torn flight would, however seen as I change my flights after every match I feel there’s no cause for protectors personally. I throw with 19g steel tip and have never been comfortable throwing with protectors as my darts appear erratic in mid flight thus going in the board at a strange angle.

    • I wrote blog post where I talked the optimal ‘+’ flight shape and the internet article which brought this to my attention. Look for it in my older posts if you want to read more on this.

      In summary, I feel that consistency is important, regardless of whether it is personal performance consistency or equipment consistency. As you know, the difference in scoring big or hitting the double is often a matter of millimeters. Sometimes it’s the little things that you do which add up and make a difference.

      I mentioned flight protectors as a way of helping flights maintain their optimal ‘+’ shape for longer periods of time. You change your flights often, so this is likely not an issue for you.

  2. Hello There.
    Personally I struggled with the L-style flights and found the less technical Dimplex flights my preferred choice. I’m interested to know what your average leg was before and after the change. Are you regularly under 18 darts a leg for instance?

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