The Professional Game

I’ve been reading a number of different threads from Facebook related to the state of steel tip darts in America.  No, I don’t have a Facebook account, but I have friends who copy and send me threads on topics that may interest me.   Many of the threads that I’ve read lately contain passionate, and sometimes heated, conversations regarding what needs to change, the reasons for change, the people who would benefit from the change, how to instigate change, how to implement the change, etc.   While the opinions and reasons vary, most people are ready for a change.  In my opinion, there are two key changes that need to occur first.  Once these changes are made, the direction of future changes becomes clearer and easier.

What needs to happen first is the separation of the professional game from the amateur game.  Once this is done, players on both the professional and amateur sides of the game can progress forward with their unique agendas, desires, wants, and needs.

The second change is the professional game and amateur game must be governed and run by independent organizations.  Having independent organizations running the professional and amateur sides of the game ensures that internal squabbles over inequities never happen, internal conflicts of interest are eliminated, and they will never compete for the same internal resources.

If I had spoken about this topic years ago, you would have said that I was dreaming.  Today, there are several organizations in North America that have ambitions of establishing and developing the professional game.   Major League Darts, North America Professional Darts Alliance, and Dart Players New York are leading the way.  There is also the Professional Darts Corporation with their announced PDC North American Order of Merit.  And don’t forget the enormous potential of DARTSLIVE in the soft tip market.   It seems that we now have several options which could lead to a lucrative professional tour in North America.  But is this all that is really needed to create a professional tour?

Something tells me that these initiatives are not the keys to instant success that I have always hoped for in North America.  There is a big white elephant in the room that few can see.  There are even some that deny that it exists.   I can see it clearly and I will call it out in my next blog.  If you think you know what I’m talking about, leave a comment and tell me what you think it is.


2 thoughts on “The Professional Game

  1. How about people who sandbag, i have been in darts over 20 years, belonged to the NDA to qualify for team dart in Los Vegas and there were always those players shooting over there posted average.

    • Sandbagging. Great topic. I presume that you bring up sandbagging because if we separate the professional game from the amateur game, then sandbagging will become an issue to deal with in the non-professional game. I 100% agree. I have a point of view based on my my history of competing in other sports and based upon what I’ve seen in the game of darts. I will post a future article on the subject of sandbagging and ways to deal with it.

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