DARTSLIVE USA Open (The World – Stage 7)

The World Soft Darts Championship (“The World”) is finally coming to the USA.  This event is scheduled for September 28-30, 2012 at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas.  During this event, not only will you have a chance to play in The World – Stage 7, but there are several other events to fill up the darting weekend.   Go here for more information on the rules and how to enter.

I just returned from playing in The World – Stage 3 in Hong Kong.  Every player that I spoke to in Hong Kong told me that they are going to Las Vegas for The World – Stage 7.  This doesn’t surprise me as Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and everybody wants to goto Las Vegas.

It’s great that many international players are coming to America for the DARTSLIVE USA Open.  When you combine the international players with the large number American players who will play in this tournament, it is quite possible that this event could reach its maximum player limit before the entry period expires.

All of The World soft tip series of tournaments (e.g. The World – Stage 7) offer one of the largest payouts ever for a soft tip singles title ($12,000).  If you earn enough points in these tournaments, you qualify for the year-end World Championship event which has the largest payout ever for a soft tip world championship title ($120,000).  Here are more things to know about the DARTSLIVE USA Open and The World – Stage 7 in Las Vegas:

– Packages are available which cover entry fees for all events, plus 3 nights at the Riviera Casino hotel

– There is no coin drop when playing in tournament events

– Unique to the Las Vegas event, there will be multiple events to compete in:  The World – Stage 7 (Singles), 2 Blind Draws, Doubles Event, and The Gallon event

– Format for The World – Stage 7 event is single elimination, best of  5: 701 (Master Out), Cricket, 701, Cricket, Diddler’s choice

– The World – Stage 7 event is seeded based upon participation results in the Shootout competition

– All stage events are streamed live on the internet

– All events are played exclusively on DARTSLIVE boards

Just like any other professional event, The World events have specific rules about clothing, shoes, logos, method of entry and payment, etc.  Be sure to download the rules and regulations and familiarize yourself with everything before you show up in Las Vegas.

If you’re an American player, know that the International players alone could fill up this event.  Don’t get left out.  Sign up now!


9 thoughts on “DARTSLIVE USA Open (The World – Stage 7)

    • Understood. Perhaps next time, eh? You’ll find your stroke again soon. Stick with it and it will happen. But if you’re undecided about playing, you better make up your mind quickly as there are already 170+ entries for Stage 7 and that event caps out at 256. Thanks for dropping by and we’ll see you around.

      • I was looking at the event and there are some things I have ? about so when you get a chance Give me a call Please..

  1. Sounds awesome!!! Finally some REAL prize money. Looks like they must of landed a serious sponsor. A big plus for darts!!

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