Coming to America, The World Stage 7

The time has come.  Stage 7 of The World Soft Tip Darts Championship (THE WORLD) is here, with a $12,000 USD 1st place prize.  Stage 7 is part of the DARTSLIVE US Open, September 28 – 30, 2012.  The payout for Stage 7 is the largest singles championship payout that I have ever seen in the US.  And to make it even better, this event occurs in the entertainment capital of the world.  Las Vegas.  It’s no surprise to me that the event sold out.

Take the finest players that North America has to offer and couple this with top international players from around the world, and you’re guaranteed to see many great matchups.  From the looks of the The World Stage 7 entries, this is a very strong field of players.  Who will emerge as the champion?  Will it be one of the current hot players from Asia, somebody from Spain, or will a North American take the title?  There will be no easy matches and this will make it exciting and entertaining for spectators to watch.

North Americans can now watch the matches during the day, and not sacrifice sleep by staying awake through the early hours of the morning to watch the matches.  Stay tuned to The World for the latest details and schedule for the streaming link to the events.

Useful links:  Outline of the Stage 7 event. Overall details on the 3 day DARTSLIVE USA OPEN.

Viva Las Vegas! It’s time to practice. We’ll see you there.


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