Arachnid Galaxy 3 – Remote Games

Arachnid Galaxy 3I’ve been enjoying the new ‘Remote Games’ feature of the new Arachnid Galaxy 3 (G3) Live boards.  With this new remote play feature, I can play people in different cities and/or different countries.  One of the great benefits of remote play is you get to experience competitive game situations against a variety of unknown opponents and different playing styles.  Remote play is also quite fun and I find myself putting more money into the machines because of it….and I’m guessing that some of you may be doing the same.

Recently, I played for about 2 hours of Cricket on remote play.  I played a lot of different people of all skill levels.  It was a great practice session overall but there were a couple of opponents who stood out for different reasons.

I Can’t Lose If I Quit First

This started out as a great game.  My opponent was throwing a steady 5.0+ MPR game.  I like it when I find a good player.  The game was close in the beginning, but I pull ahead and win the first game.   We decide to play a second game.  I jump out to the early lead but then we got into a points battle.  He again was playing a 5.0+ MPR game, but I was shooting better and I continued to stay in the lead.  The game had finally progressed to a point where I would likely win the game in my next turn.  My opponent finishes his turn and he walks to the board to pull his darts.  Then I see him press something on the machine and suddenly our game is disconnected. Game over.  Really?  He can now say that he didn’t lose that match. I don’t care what he thinks or says, but I thought it was funny that he aborted the game that way.  😀

I Can’t Win So **** You

This was another decent player who was hitting a low 5 MPR game.  I played well and I win the first leg.  We play a second leg and I’m crushing the triples like I did in the first game.  It’s near the end of the game and I have a very big lead on closed numbers and total points.  My opponent throws his first two darts…then there’s a slight pause…then I see him on the camera, standing near the board…and I could see him reach up to the board and suddenly I hear the board register a number and I see…TRIPLE16.  Really?  He just cheated and I watched him do it on camera.  I laugh to myself and I throw my 3 darts, I score heavily and retake the points lead again, and I put myself in a position to win the match in the next turn.  My opponent throws his first dart and misses.  Then I see him on the camera, approach the board and I saw his hand rise up and….TRIPLE16 TRIPLE16. He seemed angry that he was about to lose and what he did was an act of defiance.   I could have done the same thing to finish the game, but I don’t play that way.  So I stand at the regulation distance, I hit 2 triples for score and to regain the points lead, and then I finish the game with my last dart.  😛

These two matches are my only odd experiences while playing others remotely on the Arachnid G3.  Overall, my remote play experience has been very positive with the G3.  I think the G3 is a great upgrade over the previous board.  I wish I had the G3 board hooked up at home.  😉

In case any of your G3 players are wondering, I used to play online as “Hades” (name of my dart), but I now play as ‘Donny Joe’.  Sometimes I play good.  Sometimes I play bad. Whenever you see me online, come find out which player I happen to be at the moment.  LOL.

Do any of you play remotely on G3?  What is your name and country?


4 thoughts on “Arachnid Galaxy 3 – Remote Games

  1. Yup, I’m on board with you guys. I have run out of friends that can or will play with me anymore so this is great. I also play at odd times usually after all the good shooters have played and gone home so this allows me to find challenging matchesat all hours. Wish I had one in my house.

  2. Hello,

    Like you, I find that I am very competitive when playing online agains an unknown opponent. I find myself in “tournament” mode due to the fact I have no idea who or what skill opponent I am up against. I find this aspect extremely challenging.

    A great aspect of this board is I can show up at a dart locaton, and if there is no one else there who plays at a challenging level, or no one else there at all, I can get online and find an opponent.

    I will accept a challenge from anyone who wishes to play. I am always up for a game. I find myself re-challenging opponents when I lose and always give an opponent a chance to challege me if I win.

    With online leagues beginning to form, and the possiblity of online tournaments in the future, these machines are really expanding the dart playing experience.

    I find that it is now much easier to find an opponent for a good practice session when the possibliities have been expanded world-wide.

    I play online in Idaho, for Boise Darts, and my handle is DAGWOOD… See ya there sometime…


    • I agree with all of your points, especially the tournament mode one. That makes it mentally challenging and that kind of challenge is great during practice. Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you on the board.

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