Is This Your Bag?

TSALast year, I accumulated over 100,000 miles with one airline.  I’ve had years where I’ve gotten over 70,000 miles, but never have I gone over 100K.   I think back and wonder how many miles I would have accumulated had I flown every flight last year on the same airline.  With all of those miles comes a lot of time spent in airports.  Too much time, but that is a different story.   Recently, while flying home from a tournament, I pass through the security checkpoint and I take a seat to put my shoes back on.  I look up and notice a number of Transportation Security Agents (TSA) focused on one man.  The man seemed very calm.  What did he do?

I’ve been stopped before because of darts in my bag.    I’ve learned my lesson and I now check my bag with my darts when I fly to/from tournaments.  When I saw TSA put handcuffs on this man, I’m thinking that he probably got caught with something more serious than a set of darts.  Off to the side, I see three TSA guards gathered around a small table.  It appeared that they were inspecting what this man tried to pass through security.  Then one of the guards steps aside and I see the object on the table.  You guessed it.  The man tried to pass a loaded semi-automatic 9mm handgun through security.   Not only did he have a loaded gun, but he had two extra clips that were full of bullets too.  Wow.


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