Procrastination Has a Price

wait for meTHE WORLD SOFT DARTS CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 – Stage 1, will be held on April 28, 2013 at the iDarts Bar in Hong Kong.   The 2013 tournament calendar includes new tour stops in Seoul, Korea and La Rochelle, France.  Hong Kong is always fun, but adding new countries to the tour makes it seem more like a ‘world championship’.  Of course, Las Vegas is on the 2013 calendar again and there is one ‘To Be Announced’ tour stop date.  Personally, I think London is the strategic choice for this TBA date but there are rumors of a certain large city in northern China. 

I expect to this see new sponsors and several more PDC players at each of this year’s eight (8) Stage events.  The major sponsors know that the demographics of the Asian soft tip crowd predominantly fall within the coveted 25 – 34 year old market.  The PDC players know that the winner of THE WORLD SOFT DARTS CHAMPIONSHIP in December is granted an entry into the steel tip Ladbroke’s world championship.  Why would a major sponsor pass up a market exposure opportunity like this?  Why would a PDC player pass up an event like this?

Each Stage event has a limit of 128 players.  This year, THE WORLD committee has made it easier for international players to pay their entry fees.  Before, entry fees were paid via international wire transfers through the banks.  This year, PayPal is being used and this simplifies the payment process.  Goto the Overview section to learn more about THE WORLD events.

Registration for Stage 1 opened on Monday March 18, 2013.  By March 27th, an announcement was made that Stage 1 entries were closed.  If you still want to play in Stage 1, you can sign up on a waiting list.  I am amazed, but not surprised, that Stage 1 reached its 128 player maximum limit in only 9 days.

I had a hunch that there would be an increase in participation this year.  Not only did I submit my entry in time for Stage 1, I also pre-paid my entry for all 8 Stages up front.  Now I don’t have to worry about getting locked out because I did not have time to go online and enter for each Stage.  I just need to let them know whenever I’m not going to play in a Stage event.


10 thoughts on “Procrastination Has a Price

  1. I think it is a shame that given the Dartslive “breakthrough” of online play they find it necessary to physically have a world tour, it detracts from the quality of competition. Why not an online World Championship ?

    • I understand your feelings. I speculate that organized online competitions will first be seen at the grassroots level. Challenge matches, challenge ladders, and eventually, tournament play. The infrastructure exists, but it takes an ambitious and motivated person to seize the opportunity. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    • Thanks for the well wishes Phil. I’ll be in Vegas in September but I’ll also be in Vegas this weekend for the New World Dart Series. Let’s have a chat the next time we see each other. I’ve been sending people to Sinister Darts for custom barrels. I hope all is well.

  2. Nice write up. I spoke to you last year on double 16 about the HK events. If you do make the one in Seoul see you there.

    • I’m considering the trip to Seoul. That is my birthday weekend and it would be cool to visit a country that I’ve never been to. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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