Arachnid Galaxy 3 – Remote Games

Arachnid Galaxy 3I’ve been enjoying the new ‘Remote Games’ feature of the new Arachnid Galaxy 3 (G3) Live boards.  With this new remote play feature, I can play people in different cities and/or different countries.  One of the great benefits of remote play is you get to experience competitive game situations against a variety of unknown opponents and different playing styles.  Remote play is also quite fun and I find myself putting more money into the machines because of it….and I’m guessing that some of you may be doing the same.

Recently, I played for about 2 hours of Cricket on remote play.  I played a lot of different people of all skill levels.  It was a great practice session overall but there were a couple of opponents who stood out for different reasons. Continue reading

Coach vs Player

Everybody who participates in a sport or game knows the difference between a coach and a player.  When two different people have distinct roles and responsibilities of a coach and a player, it’s pretty clear what the differences are.  But look in the mirror my dart playing friend.  For most of you, both the coach and the player exist in that one person that you see in the mirror.  While you’re looking into the mirror, ask yourself, “How well is this coach doing his/her job?  How well is this player performing?”. Continue reading

Practice Objective

People often ask me what types of practice routines that I use when I practice.  I tell them about the various types of practice sessions that I perform and the routines that I use for those sessions.  Then I tell them that any practice routine is only a means to an end and that the execution and completion of the practice routine is not the most important objective that I focus on during my practice sessions.  Continue reading