Procrastination Has a Price

wait for meTHE WORLD SOFT DARTS CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 – Stage 1, will be held on April 28, 2013 at the iDarts Bar in Hong Kong.   The 2013 tournament calendar includes new tour stops in Seoul, Korea and La Rochelle, France.  Hong Kong is always fun, but adding new countries to the tour makes it seem more like a ‘world championship’.  Of course, Las Vegas is on the 2013 calendar again and there is one ‘To Be Announced’ tour stop date.  Personally, I think London is the strategic choice for this TBA date but there are rumors of a certain large city in northern China.  Continue reading

Is This Your Bag?

TSALast year, I accumulated over 100,000 miles with one airline.  I’ve had years where I’ve gotten over 70,000 miles, but never have I gone over 100K.   I think back and wonder how many miles I would have accumulated had I flown every flight last year on the same airline.  With all of those miles comes a lot of time spent in airports.  Too much time, but that is a different story.   Recently, while flying home from a tournament, I pass through the security checkpoint and I take a seat to put my shoes back on. Continue reading

Musings: Life On The Road and New Technique

Musing Angels2012 was a busy year for me.  I was in an airplane 47 out of 52 weeks.  Most weeks I would fly home on Fridays and spend 2 nights in my bed.  Then on Sundays, I’d fly back to work where I lived for 5 nights in a hotel.  There were several weeks where I didn’t go home at all because I would fly to a tournament, spend 2 nights in another hotel, and then fly back to work for 5 more nights…in a hotel.  I was out-of-town so much that sometimes my bed and pillow at home felt strange. Continue reading

Guess Who’s Coming to The World – Stage 3

The WorldI’m looking forward to returning back to Hong Kong for The World – Stage 3 on May 27, 2012.  In addition to more great darts, tasty food, and people watching, it now seems that The World Stage 3 will be uniquely different from all previous events.

Recently, there have been rumors about a certain famous professional player talking about wanting to travel to Hong Kong for The World event.  This was mentioned in various darting forums and sites across the internet.  Well, wait no more because it seems that it is now official….   Continue reading

Hong Kong – One Visit is Not Enough

Hong Kong is cool place.  I like traveling to foreign countries and exploring places that I’ve never been to. I get to see and experience all kinds of things that are interesting and memorable. It’s even more interesting when you don’t speak the local language…or in my case, not very well. I stayed in the Tsim Sha Tsui district of Kowloon, Hong Kong. This area was densely packed with all types of shops, restaurants, jewelry stores, night clubs, electronics stores, and bars. When the sun went down, the place lit up and the area was vibrant and alive. Continue reading

The World Stage 2 – My Experience

The World Soft Darts ChampionshipFor several weeks, I was eagerly anticipating my first trip to Hong Kong.  I had been extremely busy at work since the beginning of the year and I needed a break.  And of course as soon as I leave, a major issue emerged in my project back at work.  But I have a strong project team and they diffused the issue during my absence.

I left Houston around 9am on Thursday and flew to San Francisco. After a very short layover, I depart from San Francisco for a long 14+ hour flight to Hong Kong. Continue reading