Signature Darts & Products

Hades - 22gm Steel Tip

Hades - 18gm Soft Tip

My Monster Barrel Design signature darts debuted at the 2012 Las Vegas Open.  The name of my new signature barrels is Hades.

The Hades grip is a reverse cut design that begins at the middle of the barrel and extends to all the way to the back of the barrel.  The reverse cut is a mixture of narrow flat edges and razor style edges.  This combination provides a lot of grip traction with only moderate finger pressure and it will last a long time.  Less finger pressure means less muscle tension in the hand and this allows a smoother release with increased consistency.  Double click the pictures above for an enlarged view.

When people hold the Hades dart for the first time, they notice the high quality engineering and they comment on how good the dart feels in their hands.  When they take a few turns throwing with them, most of the comments are about the reverse cut grip and how the reverse cuts increase their control of the dart.

The steel tip Hades model comes in both 22 gram and 24 gram models.  The soft tip model is 18 grams.  In 2013, the Hades barrels will have an updated design.  There will also be a new 22 gram 2BA soft tip barrel added to the current line up.  I will use this heavier soft tip dart when I compete in THE WORLD events, which have a 25 gram maximum weight limit.

The Hades steel tip and soft tip barrels are currently available from Vega Darts, A-Z darts, and Dartbrokers in the USA.

3 thoughts on “Signature Darts & Products

  1. Thanks Donny. As a player myself, I cannot take credit for the support that Dart Brokers has recently been so generous with. Thomas Schude is the owner of Dart Brokers. He used to play and has a passion for the game equaled by only a few that I have ever met. I’m thankful for his support and now that I am a full time Dart Brokers employee I feel obligated to give back as much as I can while still trying to compete to the best of my ability.

    We are excited to carry the Monster barrel product line. If you ever come across somebody looking for any of the Monster barrels including your signature line, please don’t hesitate to have them contact us. Our customer service is second to none. Our goal is to be the #1 supplier in the industry and see the sport grow to the max!

    Kudos on your accomplishments and if there’s anything that Dart Brokers can do for you now or in the future, please don’t hesitate to let me know!


    Joe “Millionaire” Mateja

    • Joe,

      Thank you for carrying Monster Barrels Design products and my Hades barrels. As you already know, Monster makes great products and their quality is superb.

      Also, you deserve a big thank you for all of the support that you give to players in your area.



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