Is This Your Bag?

TSALast year, I accumulated over 100,000 miles with one airline.  I’ve had years where I’ve gotten over 70,000 miles, but never have I gone over 100K.   I think back and wonder how many miles I would have accumulated had I flown every flight last year on the same airline.  With all of those miles comes a lot of time spent in airports.  Too much time, but that is a different story.   Recently, while flying home from a tournament, I pass through the security checkpoint and I take a seat to put my shoes back on. Continue reading

Musings: Life On The Road and New Technique

Musing Angels2012 was a busy year for me.  I was in an airplane 47 out of 52 weeks.  Most weeks I would fly home on Fridays and spend 2 nights in my bed.  Then on Sundays, I’d fly back to work where I lived for 5 nights in a hotel.  There were several weeks where I didn’t go home at all because I would fly to a tournament, spend 2 nights in another hotel, and then fly back to work for 5 more nights…in a hotel.  I was out-of-town so much that sometimes my bed and pillow at home felt strange. Continue reading

There’s an Elephant in the Room

The idea of separating the North American professional darts game from the non-professional game is not as easy as it seems. I could present many positive examples for why the creation of a separate professional game is a solid idea, but I am certain that this idea will not succeed in the near future for one specific reason. There’s a giant elephant in the room that nobody talks about.

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How to Grow the Game

Here in the USA, some areas of the country have experienced a steady decline in the steel tip game of darts.  This includes both steel tip leagues and steel tip tournaments.  Much of the recent debate has focused on how to grow the game.  I like the spirit and intent of those discussions, but I feel that something is missing.  Namely, that entails getting answers to the following list of fundamental questions. Continue reading